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PetroGISPetroGIS is a collection of GIS tools designed for E&P (e.g. seismic) data. PetroGIS is released as an Add-In for ArcGIS Desktop 10™ software. The 10-day trial can be downloaded here. Check the website for commercial license models and pricing.

Feel free to report bugs and submit comments and feature requests.

Current version: 1.6.

Main features:

  • import SPS (both rev. 0 and rev. 2.1), SEG-P1, UKOOA P1-90 and SEG Y files directly to your ArcGIS project,
  • batch import UKOOA P1-90 files (as point or lines, as SSDM TrackLines),
  • export to UKOOA text files,
  • convert seismic points into lines (support for one- and two-field sorting, e.g. Line and Station, support for M-aware),
  • convert survey / block coordinates into polygons,
  • create bin grids (using UKOOA standard parameters, such as bin size, grid orientation),
  • perform seismic survey preplanning / offset design (move theoretic source / receiver points perpendicularily to the preplanned line layout),
  • design 2D seismic survey – create points and lines with custom intervals, spread lengths, station numbers (convert your sketch lines into valid seismic profiles),
  • list profile’s vertices and bands (export to clipboard or save to point feature class)
  • easily retrieve X/Y coordinates from your map (support for snapping, copy to clipboard etc.),
  • easily measure angles and distances (support for snapping).


Technical notes:

  • All input and output feature classes are assumed to have the same coordinate system as the active data frame. Thus, make sure that e.g. while importing UKOOA / SPS files, the input coordinates (those in the UKOOA / SPS text file) matches the active data frame coordinate system.
  • For most tools it is recommended to use Projected Coordinates Systems instead of Geographic Coordinate Systems.
  • ArcGIS 10 and .Net Framework 4 or higher are required for the PetroGIS to work properly.