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  • Prepayment is required for Customers purchasing for the first time.
  • The license code will be sent to the e-mail address specified below after payment reception.
  • For Single License you need to specify Machine Code, that the license will be locked to. To obtain the Machine Code, please install PetroGIS trial, open ArcMap –> click About PetroGIS on PetroGIS toolbar –> click Register –> click Get Machine Code –> copy and paste the Machine Code into the form below.
  • Currently there are two payments methods: a wire transfer and PayPal.
  • Wire transfer. Please find the details for an international wire transfer below:
    Full Account Number:PL 06 1910 1048 2698 0756 7828 0002
    Bank Name and address: Deutsche Bank Polska SA, al.Armii Ludowej 26, 00-609 Warszawa, POLAND
  • We require all international transfers to be made with the OUR instruction (SWIFT transfer charges instruction).
  • PayPal. If you wish to pay via PayPal, please indicate this in the form. We will send you a PayPal payment request to the email specified. Please note that an additional 10% fee will be added to the initial PetroGIS price, for covering PayPal and currency conversion fees.


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