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Services focused on E&P


GIS data preparation

  • obtaining data from national and regional authorities / agencies
  • protected areas boundaries: Natura2000, landscape parks, reserves, national parks etc
  • obtaining data from WMS (Web Map Service) and WFS (Web Feature Service) web services
  • concession boundaries, mining areas, etc.
  • topographic maps processing (purchase, scanning, calibration, sheet indexes in SHP)

Datum transformation

  • from PUWG 1942 to PUWG 1992, and other Polish and international coordinate systems
  • transformation of data in SHP format
  • transformation of data in text formats (ASCII, such as SPS, UKOOA, SEG-P1)

Data conversion

  • from SPS / UKOOA / SEG-P1 to ArcGIS SHP / ESRI geodatabase
  • from GML / KML to ArcGIS SHP / ESRI geodatabase
  • other formats

Plotting the seismic profiles in a GIS format

  • based on SPS / UKOOA or SHP / ESRI geodatabase

Map design (based on customer’s data)

  • general, technical and thematic maps design (e.g. concessions maps, seismic project maps, environmental maps, topographic maps, administrative maps)
  • map delivery in various formats (ArcMap MXD project file, PDF, JPG etc.)

Visualization and 3D animation

  • 3D visualization using maps and GIS data (e.g. virtual flights over the project area, three-dimensional visualization of geological structures)
  • 2D and 3D animations (e.g. visualization of GIS data in the form of animations and 3D movies)

Geospatial analysis

  • digital terrain models (DTM/DEM/DSM) processing and analysis,
  • geoprocessing, such as interpolation, buffering, dissolve etc.

GIS software development

  • application development and custom scripting for ESRI / ArcObjects / Python

GIS training and consultancy

  • basic and advanced ArcGIS training
  • GIS training for E & P sector
  • on-site or on-line consultancy (including teleconferencing, video conferencing, remote desktop etc.)


General Services

GIS Consultancy:

  • analysis of Client’s resources and needs in the field of geographic information systems,
  • support and consultancy in software (commercial and open source) and hardware configuration,
  • design and implementation of GIS systems.

Software Development:

  • developing ArcGIS extensions and add-ins (using ArcObjects)
  • designing scripts for streamlining basic GIS tasks (e.g. in Python)

Internet Cartography:

  • analysis of Client’s resources and needs in the field of web mapping (geoportals),
  • design and implementation of web map services: WMS and WFS,
  • design of geoportals (functionality, graphical user interface, integration with GIS systems),
  • implementation of geoportal services (using standards compatible with the INSPIRE directive).

Data Processing:

  • conversion of GIS data to various formats (shp, dgn, kml, gml, mif …),
  • wide range of spatial analysis (for custom Client’s needs),
  • digital elevation modelling and analysis,
  • 3D visualization and animation.

Digital Cartography:

  • map design (based on GIS data),
  • map production in both hardcopy (large format prints) and softcopy (raster images, PDF documents).


  • basic and advanced GIS training,
  • training in ArcGIS (9.x / 10),
  • training in ArcGIS extensions (e.g. 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst),
  • training in open source GIS (e.g. Quantum GIS),
  • customized training based on Client’s needs.